Embracing Growth – HMS Group

Yes, we heard. It has been long.. Way too long since the last post!

But don’t you worry – we haven’t disappeared! We’ve been buzzing with activity here at HMS Group, diving headfirst into countless quantity survey related projects, taking on expert witness responsibilities, and making some remarkable strides in our industry.

One of the exceptional highlights during these hectic past 6 months was attending the graduation ceremony at the University of Adelaide as I (Hamish, owner of HMS Group) completed the Professional Certificate in Arbitration – Arbitration Law.

Attending the graduation ceremony at the University of Adelaide was undeniably one of the standout moments amidst these busy time in the first half of 2023. Completion of Professional Certificate in Arbitration is a significant achievement that now enables me to pursue a career as a professional Arbitrator. This accomplishment was further enhanced by my extensive experience in the field of law, which has undoubtedly contributed to my readiness for this new role. Should you require the services of a seasoned Arbitrator, I am more than ready to utilize my expertise and provide valuable assistance in resolving disputes.

It’s worth noting that in addition to my new role as an Arbitrator, I am also actively operating as a quantity surveyor, expert witness, expert determiner, and adjudicator as I have been in the past. This diverse skill set allows me to bring a comprehensive approach to problem-solving and deliver exceptional results across various domains. So, whether you require assistance in arbitration or any of the other roles I specialize in, I am here to provide the utmost support and ensure the successful resolution of your challenges. So let us help you.

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