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How To Find A Quantity Surveyor

Construction projects consist of a great wealth of complex information and parts. Accordingly, planning for an accurate budget can be difficult but is all the more critical. 

Miscalculations in the project cost can lead to losses on your or your clients’ side, damaging your business or reputation. What’s more, false budget expectations can steer a project in the wrong direction. 

How To Find A Suitable And Qualified Expert Witness

When an individual, group, or company files for a lawsuit, the court system sometimes requires the help of an expert to determine the facts of a case. These experts are commonly referred to as “Expert Witnesses.” Their role and responsibility vary from case to case, but in general, Expert Witnesses help determine truth through a specific area of knowledge or skill. Thus, experts are often needed when technical or specialised knowledge is required to resolve a dispute. This article aims at defining various roles and responsibilities of an Expert Witness involved in litigation proceeding.

What is a Construction Expert Witness?​

A Construction Expert Witness is a highly qualified individual with extensive experience in the construction industry and extensive knowledge of relevant legal principles and standards, who can provide an independent opinion on matters related to construction disputes. They are typically retained by one party in the dispute to review facts, evidence, records and documents, conduct research and advise on the appropriate course of action.

Embracing Growth – HMS Group

Yes, we heard. It has been long.. Way too long since the last post!

But don’t you worry – we haven’t disappeared! We’ve been buzzing with activity here at HMS Group, diving headfirst into countless quantity survey related projects, taking on expert witness responsibilities, and making some remarkable strides in our industry.

Meet Yuhki – Executive Assistant

It’s time to introduce the latest addition to our dream team: Yuhki, as an Executive Assistant who keeps us on track and our smiles wide. Yuhki brings a whole lot of magic to the table with their remarkable organizational skills, eagle-eye for detail, and a relentless drive for efficiency. From juggling schedules to managing documents and providing stellar customer support, Yuhki ensures our operations flow like a well-oiled machine. With him by our side, our team can devote our energy to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

The Essential Guide to Developing Accurate Cost Reports

As the vibrant cities of Sydney and Melbourne continue to experience rapid growth and development, property developers are faced with the critical task of obtaining accurate and reliable cost reports for their projects. These cost reports play a pivotal role in determining the feasibility, success, and compliance of Development Applications (DAs) and Complying Development Certificates (CDCs). In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the step-by-step process of creating accurate cost reports tailored to meet the unique requirements of your projects in Sydney and Melbourne.

The Unsung Heroes of Dispute Resolution: A Closer Look at Adjudicators

In the multifaceted realm of dispute resolution, a myriad of professionals play significant roles. From arbitrators who facilitate negotiations to mediators who help reach consensus, each figure is instrumental in ensuring that disagreements are tackled with diligence and decorum.