Quantity Surveying is a specialized profession in the construction industry focused on construction costs and contracts. Quantity Surveyors (often referred to as QS) manage and oversee all costs associated with building and civil engineering projects, ensuring projects are completed within the stipulated budget.


Key Benefits

Quantity Surveyors (QS) are at the forefront of cost efficiency, diving deep into project expenses to guarantee the best use of funds without skimping on quality. They are adept at forecasting budgets, ensuring that from the project’s start to its finish, financial planning remains spot-on.

Beyond just numbers, they’re skilled in risk management, pinpointing potential pitfalls and offering strategies to sidestep unexpected costs. Their expertise in contracts clarifies roles and responsibilities for everyone involved, streamlining the project’s journey. Ultimately, with a QS professional on board, you’re assured of getting the most value for every dollar invested in your construction project.

Start-to-Finish Financial Precision with Our Quantity Surveyors.

From the outset of a project, our team dives deep into feasibility studies, gauging both the viability and the potential returns on your investment. We meticulously craft a cost plan, detailing every anticipated expense, and take the helm during the tender process to secure the most advantageous bids for materials and labor. Our expertise doesn’t stop there; we vigilantly monitor contract adherence, manage any variations, and address potential disputes.

As the project concludes, we ensure that every cost aligns with our initial agreements and oversee the final settlement of accounts. In today’s world, where construction projects are evolving in complexity, our seasoned Quantity Surveyors stand as your financial guardians. We’re committed to ensuring your project not only stays within budget but also delivers unmatched value for every dollar spent, all without sacrificing quality.

How does Quantity Surveying work?


Frequentely Asked Questions

A Quantity Surveyor (QS) is a construction industry professional who specializes in estimating the cost of building and construction projects. At HMS, our QSs manage all costs from initial calculations to the final figures, ensuring that projects are completed within the allocated budget.

Engaging a QS ensures that your project remains on budget, meets industry standards, and achieves value for money. They provide expert advice on construction costs and contracts, which can be invaluable for project success.

Our QSs offer cost planning, value engineering, and strategic procurement advice, ensuring that you get the best value for your money without compromising on quality.

At HMS, our Quantity Surveyors work on a diverse range of projects, from residential and commercial buildings to infrastructure and civil works.

We use a combination of industry-standard methods, historical data, and cutting-edge software to provide accurate and comprehensive cost estimates.

A reputable QS should have a degree in Quantity Surveying or a related field and be a member of a recognized professional body, such as the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors.

Absolutely! Budgeting and cost planning are core services we offer, ensuring that your project’s financial aspects are well-managed from the outset.

ensuring that projects remain within budget, and advising on any potential financial risks.

We use a systematic approach, considering all potential costs and risks, and then provide detailed estimates and strategies to mitigate those risks.

Yes, our QSs can manage the tender process, evaluate bids, and ensure that you contract with the right suppliers and contractors for your project

While a general contractor oversees the actual construction work, a QS focuses on the financial and contractual aspects of a project.

We assess the cost implications of any changes, advise on their impact on the overall budget, and provide solutions to accommodate those changes without compromising the project’s financial health.

Factors include local building regulations, material costs, labor rates, site conditions, and economic trends.

Yes, our QSs can provide detailed tax depreciation schedules, helping property owners maximize their tax benefits.

Typically, we’d need detailed project plans, specifications, and any other relevant documentation that can influence the project’s cost.

The duration varies based on the project’s complexity, but we always aim to provide timely and accurate services.

Absolutely! Our QSs are well-versed in NSW building codes and regulations, ensuring compliance in all our projects.

Yes, we offer continuous cost monitoring services, ensuring that projects remain on track financially from start to finish.

Our payment terms are flexible and tailored to suit the specific needs of each project. We can discuss and agree upon terms that work best for both parties.

Definitely! At HMS, we believe in providing continuous support to our clients, ensuring that they are well-informed and confident throughout the project’s duration.