Discover the Journey Behind the Expertise. Dive into the personal and professional milestones that have shaped my path. From humble beginnings to notable achievements, learn more about the passion and dedication that fuels my work. Get to know me, not just as a professional, but as an individual committed to making a lasting impact.


Hamish Mehdinezhaad

Founder and Principal

Over 2 decades of hands-on experience in the field

The values that guide us


Cultivating trust through a commitment to honest and open dialogue with our clients is paramount.


Our actions are grounded in integrity, reliability, and a steadfast dedication, fostering a trustworthy relationship with our clients.


We hold ourselves to a promise of authenticity and responsibility, ensuring only ethical and precise solutions are brought to the table.


Our pledge to deliver as promised, valuing and respecting our clients’ time in all endeavours.

An Experienced Professional

With an educational foundation, underscored by a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and Science (B.C.E & Sc.), I have cultivated a deep engagement with the multifaceted worlds of the construction and legal fields. This foundation has been further enriched by earning a Professional Certificate in Arbitration, furnishing my professional pathway with nuanced understanding and refined insight of a building and legal practitioner.
I hold substantial roles as a Registered Adjudicator for the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) and the Northern Territory Government, in addition to being a Registered Quantity Surveyor on the panel of the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), positions that I approach with dedication and service. Within the collaborative setting of the RICS DRS Australasia Expert Panels, I fulfil diverse roles that promote continuous growth, leveraging opportunities to serve as both an Expert Determiner and Witness. These positions, both fundamental and expansive, have been a continual source of enriched understanding and a broader perspective in the dynamic field of construction law.
This narrative is not merely a career outline; it chronicles a conscientious journey characterized by ongoing learning and diligent contributions in complex yet rewarding environments. It illustrates a dedicated approach where profound knowledge meets discretion, guiding a path marked by informed and wise judgment. It is a representation of an evolving expertise, shaped over time through unwavering commitment to professional growth and deep understanding.


Client-Centric Approach

Our approach is anchored in transparency, trust, honesty, and punctuality – principles that are steadfastly adhered to, facilitating an impartial and equitable service.
Transparency stands as a commitment to maintain open channels of communication, fostering relationships grounded in truth and clarity, which are essential in the roles of adjudication and arbitration.
Trust is nurtured through reliability and dedication, constructed over time through fair and balanced viewpoints, unswayed by external influences, ensuring our clients receive an unbiased perspective rooted in expertise and insight.
Honesty is a non-negotiable standard in our practice, guiding us to take responsibility in offering grounded, ethical solutions, steadfast in the purpose of facilitating justice and fairness in every case.
Punctuality translates to a respectful appreciation of our clients’ time, honoring commitments with timely responses, and always being available to lend an ear, demonstrating a principled and professional stance in every interaction.
By embodying these core principles, we assure a client-centric approach that operates with the highest standards of impartiality and professional integrity, focused on providing diligent and unbiased service in all engagements.


HMS Group Capability Statement

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