Quantity Surveying

When You Want Accuracy and Quality There Is No Substitute! 

Quantity Surveying

Explore the intricacies of DA & CDC cost reports with “The Essential Guide to DA & CDC Cost Reports in NSW Australia” penned by the seasoned industry expert, Hamish Mehdinezhad. With a legacy that spans from 2003, Hamish intricately blends his vast experience across commercial, residential, and recreational construction sectors into this comprehensive guide. While it stands as a beacon of knowledge, readers are also encouraged to seek tailored professional insights for their specific scenarios. Embrace the guide for its depth and wisdom, but always be diligent in cross-referencing with current industry standards and expertise.


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When You Want Accuracy and Quality There Is No Substitute!

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“Founded by an Arbitrator, Adjudicator, and Quantity Surveyor: Pioneering Excellence in Construction Consultancy”

Hamish Mehdinezhad Founder and Principal

With an educational foundation, underscored by a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and Science (B.C.E & Sc.), I have cultivated a deep engagement with the multifaceted worlds of the construction and legal fields. This foundation has been further enriched by earning a Professional Certificate in Arbitration, furnishing my professional pathway with nuanced understanding and refined insight of a building and legal practitioner.

I hold substantial roles as a Registered Adjudicator for the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) and the Northern Territory Government, in addition to being a Registered Quantity Surveyor on the panel of the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), positions that I approach with dedication and service. Within the collaborative setting of the RICS DRS Australasia Expert Panels, I fulfil diverse roles that promote continuous growth, leveraging opportunities to serve as both an Expert Determiner and Witness. These positions, both fundamental and expansive, have been a continual source of enriched understanding and a broader perspective in the dynamic field of construction law.

This narrative is not merely a career outline; it chronicles a conscientious journey characterised by ongoing learning and diligent contributions in complex yet rewarding environments. It illustrates a dedicated approach where profound knowledge meets discretion, guiding a path marked by informed and wise judgment. It is a representation of an evolving expertise, shaped over time through unwavering commitment to professional growth and deep understanding.


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