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Embracing Growth – HMS Group

Yes, we heard. It has been long.. Way too long since the last post!

But don’t you worry – we haven’t disappeared! We’ve been buzzing with activity here at HMS Group, diving headfirst into countless quantity survey related projects, taking on expert witness responsibilities, and making some remarkable strides in our industry.

Meet Yuhki – Executive Assistant

It’s time to introduce the latest addition to our dream team: Yuhki, as an Executive Assistant who keeps us on track and our smiles wide. Yuhki brings a whole lot of magic to the table with their remarkable organizational skills, eagle-eye for detail, and a relentless drive for efficiency. From juggling schedules to managing documents and providing stellar customer support, Yuhki ensures our operations flow like a well-oiled machine. With him by our side, our team can devote our energy to delivering exceptional results for our clients.